27. Accounting and Imposter syndrome

Don’t let this hold you back!

Looking at my prior posts for those of you that follow; it’s clear to see, I’m a guy who has had issues in life, who has dealt with many mental fights with myself and won.

Luckily I am also a guy who strongly believes in sharing my mistakes/issues/successes in hope that others don’t have to go through them but if they are, I hope my posts helps them know that they can get through it; it may take time but they can do it.

A lot of issues I have faced come from self esteem and confidence issues if I am honest, despite what people are saying I am going to be honest with you, imposter syndrome is related to low self esteem/lack of confidence, in my opinion; people who have experienced this that I have interacted with have also had one or the other or sometimes both!

You may say “I’m a perfectionist” that’s why I have it, the requirement to be perfect is a requirement to please, a confident person knows perfect is a beautiful imaginary thing and imperfections happen, with time you learn to reduce them or a solution arrives that removes them BUT remember, solving one problem can raise another and perfection often comes with repetition.

You may say, “I’m not a blagger”, whilst this is honourable sometimes you will have to blag to get to the position you truly want at times; confidence will should rein enforce that you CAN do these additional tasks but you have to accept you will have to learn them, this is a fact of life, if you think you are crap, you career will suffer but it will also have a negative impact on other aspects in your life as you will always be in fear of getting fired or quit and resign, if you find something difficult it is because you are LEARNING, it is new to you, if there is a JD you see and you don’t want to go for it because 20% you have not done before, well what about 80% YOU CAN DO, think differently I challenge you.

My story, I struggled and continue to have self debates at whether I am good at what I do, the crazy thing is, colleagues and managers who have worked with me, like the work I put in; but I never seem happy with it, I always thought I was doing something wrong or not to a good enough standard. The knock on effects of this in turn could lead me to looking at the same thing for ages, be not willing to ask for help if I was stuck, all whilst saying, I must be the problem, I’m dumb etc etc etc.

However this had an even more brutal effect on my career, I became scared to progress as I felt I would not be good enough to handle more senior position due to lack of knowledge and I also thought I would not be able to manage a team as they would ask me question and I would not know and people would think I am a fraud.

This has also stopped me blagging for roles and pursuing a career change which I have wanted to do for many years but never actioned, it also lead me at times to go back to entry level accounting positions as I know it like the back of hand but then I fatigue early,

My advice; work on your self esteem and confidence it is crucial, accept you will have to learn new skills in any job you go, you’re not the only one who’s been through it, you’re fantastic, they hired you, meaning you beat out the rest of the candidates so you got something, stay strong ALWAYS, ignore some of these fancy labels they use to try and split up a basic confidence issues.


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