27. Accounting and Imposter syndrome

Don’t let this hold you back!

Looking at my prior posts for those of you that follow; it’s clear to see, I’m a guy who has had issues in life, who has dealt with many mental fights with myself and won.

Luckily I am also a guy who strongly believes in sharing my mistakes/issues/successes in hope that others don’t have to go through them but if they are, I hope my posts helps them know that they can get through it; it may take time but they can do it.

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22. Accounting and Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression, it’s a trip to hell but at least the warm.

This is my toughest post to date; currently I’m going through the mental wars and it has affected all aspects of my life: finances, relationships, careers, friendships, social interactions and education.

As a man in his mid to late 30’s from a West African background, this was tough to both accept and seek help for; however I did and I’m now applying my mini rule; if I go through something share it with others so they know what to expect and also know that they are not alone.

I don’t always follow this rule but for this I feel it is important to share.

In 2014 after a series of events including issues at work I started developing anxiety & depression, depression has always been there or there about in my life but anxiety that was new to me.

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