28. Accounting and Self esteem & Confidence protect them at all costs!

Occasionally I end up giving advice to people who are earlier in their careers than I am, the number one advice I give to them is protect your self-esteem and confidence at all costs, be ferocious in protecting this, because if you don’t and it’s damaged the knock on effect it has on your professional life are astounding.

I view it this way:
Self-esteem; will ensure you do not take a salary lower than you are worth.
Confidence; will tell you if someone is offering you less, you can find a job that WILL pay you what you deserve.

You will also need both if you are in a management position or a change management role, often you will find people are a pain to deal with regardless of scenario, the worst part of work is dealing with other people and you will need the two to help you navigate, steer people so you can achieve your end goal.

It also effects promotions, risk taking, starting a business etc, please if you have not developed this start ASAP, this cost me brutally in the past no one cares about your career more than you and you need the two to make sure you get the career you are working your socks off for.

Some of you may be thinking well my manager has got my back and whilst this may be true always remember humans have a great ability to smile in your face and keep you where you are at because it benefits them and not you; plus unfortunately some managers don’t even mind paying you less than you deserve and working you hard because it make them look good.

Whilst I detest gym metaphors, I got to add one, think of your Self Esteem and confidence as a muscle, if you’ve been to the gym or do home workouts, you will recall what it was like when you first used the muscles, the aching was nuts right? But after a while you saw the progress and wanted to push it more or maintain what you have, you know you liked how you looked in the mirror, this is the same for your self esteem and confidence, do things to work these mental muscles and develop them, you will love the person you become.

A side note to black folk, please note that soft bigotry can impact you “Soft bigotry of low expectations, is people expecting you to fail so they lower the bar” – The Rough, this is crucial as it can stop you from truly developing into the person you need to be.

When you are in a scenario and both are tested remember if you choke it’s because you second guessed yourself; let that motivate you to throttle anything that tries to interfere with your self-peace.


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