15. Technology DriveNow leaving London

It’s over

Zipcar (company formerly known as Street Car) has beat out it’s competitor DriveNow in London, on the 18Dec2019 I got the email saying by the 29th Feb 2020 no more DriveNow cars will be available.

Simple question what went wrong?

Paraphrasing the email, could not attract enough customers, London boroughs being a pain with all their different rules (Westminster being number one on my list of frustrating boroughs to use with DriveNow, I don’t even bother).

Costs of operations, I don’t know what that means, it’s a blanket statement and could mean anything, from: their own cars breaking down and having to collect/repair (tyre pressure warning), to their choice of having so many different kinds of expensive mini’s and lately BMW 2 series tourers, going fully keyless could of costs them more than planned, overstocked? Who knows, they may have made errors on their side but no clue what that actually means.

One thing I will say is their customer service left a lot to be desired and had really bad feedback online.

What Now?

I will get off my backside and give Ubeeqo a go once DriveNow is officially done on the 29th February 2020 (cool date to pick), then I will get my own car probably in 2021 nothing fancy, just something cheap and reliable to get me about.

I will have to keep my eye on Zipcar prices, with a large competitor gone, I would not be too surprised if this lead to an increase in prices as ‘who else you going to go to’ mentality may crop in; as I can’t see another rival coming in and having as much impact as DriveNow did, I can honestly say the crown is sitting comfortable on Zipcar’s tax, the ruler often requires is subjects to pay taxes or should we call it “operations coverage”.

I hope the people at DriveNow who are impacted get new opportunities in the coming year, I used your product a lot this year I racked up £660.00 in trips with yourself and £705.00 in trips with Zipcar for comparison, it will be a shame to see you go and I will deeply miss the convertibles next Spring/Summer, thanks for the fun times DriveNow

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