33. Disrespect towards 9to5 employees

Not everyone will be a business owner: there are some who want to but don’t know what to do, some who tried and failed, some who have no desire to, some who prefer to contract and some who prefer to be employed etc. people have reasons.

Maybe I’m sensitive to it, but recently I feel the increase in disrespect to 9to5 employees has sky rocketed and it’s infuriating.

I have heard it all, 9to5 employees are lame, they are submissive, they are not ‘real men’, they are broke, they are not desirable, they can’t be taken serious, you’ll never be a millionaire working for someone else etc.

I’ll start with this; without 9to5 employees the world shuts down, arrogant twats who run their own business but look down upon their employees are part of the reason why people no longer believe in loyalty to a company.

Worse than the above are the people who offer no opportunities but got a lot to say, they will talk about how 9-5’s is slow money but offer nothing legal as viable alternatives.

In in black media, I feel we are chocked with this message, owning your own business is great, if that’s for you, but to put down and condemn people for having 9to5’s is ridiculous.

It’s this stupid poison that aides in educational drop outs, partaking in illegal activities as the pressure is we should be getting fast money and if we don’t we are lame, square etc.

If we are talking legitimate business’, go and see the failure rates, see what happens to proceeds to those who are caught with illegal funds.

Little to known to many, you can earn 7 figure salaries but this takes time and it is not guaranteed but you can become a millionaire working for someone else.

If you earn 6 figures a year and work with the right financial advisor there is no reason why you can’t become a millionaire, it is easier to invest legitimate money than it is dirty money.

This post is not about caping for corporations, it’s about not tearing down people who are in perfectly good jobs whilst you offer nothing in return to satisfy your personal ego.


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