34. Is the male midlife crisis happening earlier?

I have a theory; the midlife crisis is no longer something men ages 45+ go through, it is now reaching down to people in their early 30’s; possibly even late 20’s.

I was on a Tiktok and saw a 28 year old man, get indirectly told he is worthless, why was he labelled this? because he lives at home and does not have a car.

The comments on the video where flooded with agreement; the message to young men was simple, get it right and be successful or you are a useless waste of space who society will ‘politely’ shun.

The old “life begins at 40” mantra touted back in the day, is sadly dead; let me share some stats with you.

per Samaritans “Males aged 45-49 continue to have the highest suicide rate (23.8 per 100,000)”.

Per mensmindsmatter “in London 88% of homeless people are men”.

Per statista “ the median income for full time male employees 2021 between the ages of 40-49 is £38,463, this is the highest average earning point for men, from the age 50+ it steadily declines.

Why am I saying all this? Because I worry, we dismissed men’s depression as a ‘phase’ i.e. brushed it off as “a mid life crisis” in the past.

We can see the suicide rates amongst middle aged men and concern is the rates will increase and move down in ages.

We are already seeing the increase in mental health issues amongst younger men and these rates will increase as will their mental health issues if these standards are not tackled, yes there are other factors but my eyes are on this one.

Often men in this society are slammed for being normal, not 6ft you’re useless, +size you’re useless, earning less than 100k a year you’re useless. It’s a damn shame.

The promotion of a average/standard life, needs to be shown to young men, as much as the promotion of high income lifestyle is.

The average stigma males face is horrendous, add to that, there is public acceptance of slamming and condemning men’s height, weight, penis size’s and income; if you’re in the black community, we’ve got a whole bundle of additional stereo types/standards we’re subjected to, for those that fit it great, but for those that don’t this is detrimental.

Common sense let’s us know there will always be average people and we have to learn that this is fine.

If you want to save mens lives; this would be a good helping factor.

Links: Latest suicide data | Suicide facts and figures | Samaritans

Men and Homelessness (mensmindsmatter.org)

Full-time annual salary in the UK 2021, by age and gender | Statista

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