30. Accounting and Getting your 20’s right pt1

When I was in my late teens early 20’s, I had a plan, get an accounting role, complete AAT within 2 years and ACCA within 3 years, get a great job in Canary Wharf where I will earn loads of money, respect and knowledge.

But wait there’s more:
Buy a house before I am 30, buy a Mercedes, write a book and get a Rolex…

But wait there’s more:
In my 30’s buy my mum a house, meet the woman of my dreams get married have kids and move on from my high powered career to giving lectures and getting into politics on the financial side i.e. working in the treasury.

But wait there’s more:

I would then finally pursue degrees in English Language, Psychology, Law and pick up some I.T. and HR skills along the way.

You guessed it, there’s more:
I would then in my 40/50’s have my mortgage paid off, work in a company or government in PR role, something with high power & profiled, retire in my late 50’s start travelling, doing charity work donating/working/raising awareness etc and spending more time learning about my Christian faith, writing books and giving the ad-hoc speeches about my findings and my past and start mentoring/supporting young black males from the ends.

A lot right?
As you can imagine there were a few problems with my plans; if I’m honest I lacked resilience, desire and execution.

I had and still have very good vision when it comes to looking forward; it’s one thing I appreciate about myself but vision is not enough.

For example, one thing I didn’t think was whether I would actually want to be an accountant Lol, I didn’t actually know what an accountant does.

You see my initial, initial plan was actually to be an actor but I got good advice which said my chances of making it especially in early 2000’s and as a black man were very slim, so I should concentrate on a proper career which was truthful and fair advice, so wallah the plan B was born and end up in accounting I would, even though I knew nothing about it.

*Flash back*, when I had my acting dream I was a very different person to who I am today; I loved people, I was very social, making friends everywhere I turned and I was always getting around, which gave me a different sense of the world, one which made me think my acting dream was possible and this view of life made me think my plan B was achievable too.

I recall telling my friend my vision at the time (late teens or early 20’s) and showing him my list on the wall and him saying to me “I don’t know how people can do that, I have no idea what I want to do”, ironically years later he’s killing it in finance (even completed his ACCA) and I’m the lost one, a lot has changed since then.

Here’s the link for part 2

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