8. Accounting and changing careers?

Can you change careers? Yes

I have come across people who changed careers, they started life as qualified accountants but had enough or felt it was not for them and changed to something else.

Where did they go? HR, Project management, Recruitment agent, IT (Web design), Yoga teacher, started their own business and motivational speaking.

How did they make the change? HR, Project manager applied for the role in the company they were working for.

The rest usually did evening courses/professional qualifications on the subjects that interested them and made the move across.

Should you change career?

Depends on how much you hate what you’re doing, the reason I say that is, you are most likely picturing the glamourous side of a career change and not really taking into account that every job has crap parts, plus you will be at a disadvantage to those who have been doing it for years and financially you will most likely have to take a salary hit, unless your current set of skills are directly transferrable.

I watched an interview in which Kanye West said something along the lines of ‘they say you should change careers every five years’, who the they are I do not know, as I don’t know whether this is good or bad advice, what I do know is for some it will work and for others it won’t.

I have read in AAT magazines people who believe working in different fields actually makes you a better rounded accountant but a former colleague read an article that said staying your craft is the better move. As you will find with every single thing in life, there are some who agree and disagree.

Some food for thought is, what if I told you there are quite a few people who work in accounting roles but never initially studied accounting? I knew someone who studied art and another person who studied a chemistry. What’s the point of mentioning this? What you may start out studying may not be what you end up getting income from.

So again, should you change careers?

Only you can answer that question, but if you are doing it because you have had enough of what you’re doing make sure you spend the time to find out the dull parts of your desired career, most things seem great until you do them full time, you also want to make sure it is not the company you are working for that is making you hate your job, some places I have worked, if they were my only accounting experiences I would have probably tried to change careers myself.


Image from: http://thelongwayup.info/how-to-career-change
Image from: http://www.globalengineers.co.in/Career.html

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