3. Technology: Apple WWDC was it good?

Has Apple got its groove back? Heck yeah!

(In old Rock WWE voice) Finally the Tim has delivered… an exciting press conference.

WWDC June 2017 brought that old Apple magic feeling to it; we can move on from that garbage conference towards the end of last year, this WWDC was the best Keynote since Tim took over, applauds to him.

My criticisms were only with Phil’s bit as he was regurgitating what was on written on the screen and it seemed as though he forgot his lines when doing his segment for the wacky named homepod; that name sucks, it double sucks; it triply sucks, but I will look into buying one when finances allow (my gripe with the name is homepod suggests you can control a good portion of the home with this device and that’s it primary function; whereas this device’s primary function is speaker playback).

Aside from that, not many gripes they even gave us the gift of cutting down on Pokémon time.

Apple took some shots at the competition with: Tim wasted no time laughing at ‘the fragmented ones’ (Android), Sonos and amazon speaker couldn’t slip Apple’s punches neither, I was impressed with the passive aggressive hits.


Privacy, let’s face it under Tim Apple is more political, most fans would prefer they stuck to products but for the foreseeable future Liberal Tim will continue to be political. On that note Privacy was on the Apple political agenda, Apple made it clear as usual, privacy is what they will be associated with.


Google, Tom tom and Garmin definitely need to keep their eye on Apple maps, especially now it will come with has lane changing notification which is a feature I would usually associated with purpose made SatNav, I can see this eating into sales over time but Apple maps still has a way to go before it is as good as those rivals.

Intelligent tracking prevention, this one hits Google; as you know Google is the king of online stalking and people accept it as it’s free and they provide a good service, I’m one of those people who get creeped out by it and thus this is a welcomed addition, the impact this will have is against target ads as this will make it more difficult to do this.

Auto mute, this should of never been a thing in the flipping first place, honestly sick to death of hearing this and glad that Apple is stepping up and freeing us from this non-sense, I would say this effects the advertisers but everyone I know has the same reaction, find which page it is on, then try to find where the heck it is and mute that crap.

Apple notes vs Ms OneNote

I was wondering how long it would take Apple to see the threat of MS OneNote, which is a Microsoft software done right.

I use OneNote all the time and whenever I introduce it to people they are impressed, however far too many people are just unaware of the software which gives Apple the advantage, notes is already on people’s ‘I’ devices and most would be using it without even thinking about it. Microsoft has a disadvantage as an account is needed to get the best use out of it, Microsoft need to keep pushing Onenote until people are as familiar with it as they are MS Word.

10 inches or bigger!

The new Ipad pro is “10.5” inches, which puts Microsoft in a funny position, as they have said if a device is over 10 inches then they will have to buy/subscribe to MS office. With the Ipad being10.5 inches and will no doubt be the default buy for consumers will Microsoft have to cave?  If Microsoft does cave and continue to give office away to the new Ipad then this will put them in hot water with their own hardware partners who will request the same treatment and rightly so, if they don’t they risk losing users who will just use Apple productivity Apps which could bite them long term especially in university where they really want that demographic to be used to Microsoft as they will decide the future work place.

On that note let’s end this on an applause to wonder kid and wonder grandma, the youngest and oldest App makers in Apple’s history I believe.


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