5. Accounting and Rosberg?

Accounting and Nico Rosberg?

I am going to start this by saying I am a 44 (Lewis Hamilton) fan and this article is not a ‘shade’ piece on the champ.

Studying accounting is tough and for some of you, it will be the toughest thing you’ve come up against so far, it can happen that you put in the effort, but the exam will get the better of you; it could take you a minimum of three attempts before you pass a paper.

You may see fellow classmates/colleagues progress at a faster rate than you and maybe even overtake you, when you have given up mornings, lunches, evenings and weekends this can be beyond discouraging and make you think, screw it! And chuck in the towel.

I know of people who reached the final papers and walked away, this is not about being ‘dedicated’ it’s about not being deterred.

 The best example of this, is F1’s 2016 WDC Nico Rosberg.

Some of you would have struggled through AAT, only to take up the fun challenge of going further with your studies, in doing so; you’re also struggling with ACCA/ACA/CIMA etc.

How does this relate Rosberg? Let’s begin…

Nico and Lewis had been competing for over 15 years! With Lewis predominately getting the better of him, at their younger age; this was seen as friendly competition, they would race to eat Pizza with Hamilton learning how to ride a unicycle as Nico could, and he did not want him to have an advantage.

When Lewis was convinced to come to Mercedes by Niki Lauda, who promised he would win a WDC, childhood flash backs for both drivers was about to start; which for Rosberg? meant hell!!!

In 2014 we saw Nico make mistakes and eventually lose out to number 44 who carried the momentum straight into 2015, he was on a roll, Nico was forced to turn passenger that year. When 2016 came Nico was pretty much written off by everyone (including myself), but number 6 Nico had other ideas, he made a few changes and went to the extremes, a great example of this is when he stopped cycling to lose leg muscle to give his less weight, which resulted in a faster lap than his team mate.

He jumped his final hurdle which a stress test on the last race of season set by Hamilton and achieved his childhood dream of becoming a F1 World Driver Champion.

Some will tell you he was lucky, I will tell you this, luck always seems to find people on a roll, it just seem drawn to them as it was to Nico but we cannot forget; it takes a whole dam season to win.

If you are struggling with your accounting studies, but you know this is what you want to do; just like Nico, don’t be deterred, think of changes you need to make and eventually it will come, be prepared to go to the extreme if need be, to pass those pesky papers.


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