4. Accounting and dyscalculia & dyslexia?

Accounting and dyscalculia/dyslexia, where do I stand?

I touched on this before but felt it deserved its own post; can you suffer from dyscalculia and be an accountant? Yes, Yes, triple Yes!!! 

I want you to know this; there are no such things as a non-calculator paper in professional accounting exams! and that’s for a reason; accounting despite popular belief is not strictly about mathematics it is about rules; the hardest part is grasping these rules which are less maths based than you think, they are more about logical order (although sometimes it will feel illogical).

What you may not know is that most calculations accountants do; are done via accounting systems and MS Excel, are there times that being good at mental maths would help? of course! But there is nothing to stop you using a calculator/Excel!

You will do a lot of reconciliations in accounting, these will have you scratching your head; not because of mathematical difficulties you will have, but because you have to figure out how on earth something has gone wrong!

In terms of dyslexia, don’t ever let this put you off, it may hinder your ability to pick things up initially, as quickly as your peers but it will not stop you at all, don’t worry about your spelling mistakes either, there are high chances are you will be using MS word or MS Outlook, if you need to write a report or email, these programs come with aids to help with spelling and grammar.

I know you may worry about getting qualified but don’t, accounting exams are done in such a way they don’t penalise you for having one or both, so if you want to be an accountant, please do not let these discourage you!


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