26. Accounting and Black progression

Who gives up position?
Let’s be clear, people with drive want to be at the top, and at the top there are not that many places, unfortunately not everyone will achieve their dream of being at the top.

Efforts however are being made to mix up the top seats but somehow black men have been damaged by these efforts, whilst there are other groups that have their issues I am not interested in these and I’m only interested in ones that directly affect black males.

We need racial diversity stats and not ones where black males are lumbered in with all other ethnicities which makes it difficult to see what is happening with us.

When I used to work for a public sector body, I recall them saying they were making a push for diversity, this lead to posts about black history month being opened for all and not just a month for black people, it got to the point it was almost deemed indirectly offensive to claim black history month belonged to black people.

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