13. Technology: Setup question?


Which setup should I go for?

I decided which setup to go with but it was tricky; my choices were a thin and light Laptop with a EGPU, Desktop computer, thicker laptop and should I get an external monitor with that?

In the end I went with a desktop PC and a wide screen monitor how did I come to this decision?

Prior to this my sole computer was a Surface pro 4 and before that I only used a Surface Pro 1 and had no complaints, why the switch to big and bulky? POWEEEERRRRRR!!!!

Lol, this was not the only reason, I needed a larger screen to not only make it easier to have multiple tabs/apps running side by side but also for my posture and emersion when watching films, tv shows and video’s in general I decided I needed to stop hunching over; could all of this been done with a laptop? yep, but I thought about my usage and I accepted that I never used the laptop as a laptop, it rarely moved, it was just a glorified desktop plus as I have a tablet (which also hardly gets used), I felt this would be better all around and having this setup for nearly 6 months now I can confirm it was the right decision, does a laptop look sexier Yep! but this setup is definitely function over form and I could not be happier.

I would say before you think about going the laptop route and you are thinking of gaming or graphics designing , think about the following: how often do you actually use your laptop as a laptop? how much space do you have? are you going to end up buying external keyboard/mouse/monitor etc? and lastly what kind of power do you need?

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=462vUMIQenM


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