20. Accounting and Interviews

Two men sitting at desk in interrogation room

Interviews, some feels like chats others feel like an interrogation, what to do?

I am not going to give you the same tips you have heard a million times, if you don’t know the usual advice that’s on you, go to the main recruitment websites and read their tips.

Talk me through your CV?
There is no excuse for not knowing your own working history, it gives the impression you are lying, you should know your own working history end of.

What are you into?
This is a subtle team fit question, this is a pain in the backside especially for introverts who can be discriminated against OFTEN due to this as the ‘we are looking for someone who fits the team’ narrative, usually means they are not looking for an introvert, yes it’s fricking annoying, and it’s why I yawn when I hear companies say crap like ‘we champion diversity’.
Anyway to limit being rejected for this crap, this is what you do; firstly try and find out about the companies culture, use websites like ‘Glassdoor’ and if there is a HR screening interview ask them about team events they do, this should give you a feel, once you get that do the usual social media snooping with your alias account, (yes fool, you should have several alias accounts). Armed with this and your quick scope of the office as you walk towards the interview room, once the interview starts switch on your extrovert if need be. If you are an introvert and reading this I feel you 100% it is draining, tiring, boring and out and out annoying but ‘team fit’ is important to a few especially in larger corporations.
Oh if you arrive early, have a chat to the security or reception, as long as you’re respectful they are usually very helpful.

What do you know about this company?
Unless you are applying for a temporary role you need to get this nailed.

Yes I know, you spend your time researching a company and they don’t even ask you what do you know or worse they just start telling you about the company Lol, to counter this so your research is not wasted, make sure you find a natural way to talk about interesting points you learned in the interview to let them know you did your homework.

What should I wear?
You should know all the usual by now, one thing I will add for corporate roles is make sure you polish your shoes and your ties is clean and on right, dirty wonky ties no just no, I seen some poor attempts at Windsor knots.

Do you even know what you’re doing?
For accounting roles, refresh your bloody double entry!!!! sometimes you will be asked double entry questions and although you should know this, I appreciate it can slip your mind, just do a refresher, don’t get caught with your pants down, this is your bread and butter getting these wrong is stupid plain and simple.

Any questions?
Save questions for the end and try to keep two, if the interviewer answers a question you had during the interview say the truth ‘I was going to ask about that’, then depending on whether this happened earlier/later in the interview, when they come to wrap up the interview and they ask; “do you have any questions?“, say something like “No, you answered my questions, I had two, one on XYZ which you explained and the other on 123 which you also went through” this shows you actually had questions.

Where should my head be at?
Remember a job is not a favour, they have a position to fill and you come across as best fit, that’s it! it is very rare for companies to hire someone out of the kindness of their hearts, as you will soon learn companies usually look for a way to reduce costs, i.e. if they did not need you, you would not be getting interviewed, keep that in the back of your head.

Last but not least remember to have fun, interviews are a two-way street, you pick your employer as much as they pick you.


Image from: http://www.rmtiglobal.org/cources/interview-and-interrogation/

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