18. Accounting and Therapy

With mental health being brought to the forefront of people minds I envision a change in the UK workplaces where therapists will be available to employees under the HR employee wellbeing banner or discounts to sessions.

I recall the first time I came into contact with therapy it was via Frasier, hands down one of my favourite TV shows of all time but it didn’t stop there, I remember an episode on the Fresh Price of Bel Air where a relative told Will he was getting therapy, 24 where the president’s son was getting Therapy and My wife and Kids where therapy was used to help resolve marital issues between the two with my personal favourite being around Michael wanting to play video games.

Fun fact, before accounting and after I my desire to be an actor, a rapper and many other things I actually wanted was to be a psychologist, I feel as though it was almost a natural calling for me.

As time goes on in popular culture, we hear more pop figures admit to going to therapy, some because they want someone to talk to others to help in their marriage, this coincides with the gradual increase we see in newer TV shows showing it as a supportive tool, in TV shows like Suits where we see highly intelligent people brilliant at their corporate roles speaking to therapists or Billions again showing highly intelligent people good at their jobs seeking that extra level of support

If it is true that 1/5 employees are at risk of burnout and that suicide is the highest cause of death in UK men under the age of 45, a dedicated or package scheme to a phycologist could potentially reduce these numbers, the benefits are obvious as staff will be in a better head space allowing them to continue to perform well at work, I believe a side consequence will be enhanced loyalty to the company also.


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