15. Accounting and careers information.

RANT As a profession we need to do this better

As someone in their thirties who’s been doing accounting for over 12 years one thing that still makes my blood boil as an account is our professions terrible and I do mean terrible ability to communicate the different types of accounting roles that are out there.

It is unacceptable that even to this day I often come across people who ‘fell into’ their role and look at me wide eyed when I tell them the many different positions available; the profession is also truly poor at giving candidates guidelines about which positions to start in and how long they should stay in a position if they are career orientated & the reasons why.

We also need to be more transparent about the work life balance of the profession depending on role; i.e. restricted annual leave and late nights at month end/year end. The risk of being locked into one sector or role despite the numerous papers we go through and more importantly despite accounting being a highly transferrable skill; I have seen good accountants stuck in roles not because they are crap but because they stayed in a position/sector too long; which ended up hurting their careers

Which is terrible for a profession with such great potential; our bodies also need to do more to highlight the importance of our transferrable skills to the outside world; we also need better dedicated careers sections on website which talks about the roles available with recommended salaries, duration you should do the role for and the next logical progression routes.


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