9. Technology: AI are you scared?

Should we go down this route? The answer “screw your debate because money” is the true reaction most US technology companies, if there is money in it, it will be done, screw your concerns!!!

The AI is coming, the AI is coming!

All this panic about AI puts a smile on my face, Hollywood films, countless books, social commentators and tech heads have warned us about the dangers of AI forever.
I have heard some good reasons for this, the best coming from a colleague (who either read in a book or heard in a podcast that,) that the main fear with AI is there’s no 2nd chance! i.e. if the programming goes kaput, then we could find ourselves really fighting the machines. Why does this put a smile on my face? Irony, AI is being created to solve issues we create.

This debate actually take me back to my first encounter with it; whilst most people’s first cinematic/televised experience with the machines changing their views was probably the terminator, Space Odyssey or the Matrix movies; mine was a great scene from the X-Men cartoons shown in the 90’s.

Dr Trask built Master Mould to build sentinels to deal with mutants, unfortunately for the Dr, Master Mould demands that a senator’s brain be replaced with a computer (which paints another irony); trying to plead with his creation the following conversation happens:

Dr Trask: “You were designed to protect humans from mutants”

Master Mould: “That is not logical, mutants are human… therefore humans must be protected from themselves”

I don’t think the writer could have picked smarter words!

This scene even as a kid for some reason just stuck with me, and here I am, no longer as happy, no longer as free, no longer as innocent and no longer as trusting but still hearing the same debates… amazing.

Currently we have the following: Alt left vs Alt Right, misandrist vs MGTOW, Theism vs Atheism, Vegans vs Meat eaters, religious vs anti-religious, feminism vs anti-feminism, socialism vs capitalism, pro-genders vs anti-genders heck we even got Cyclists vs non-cyclist, the point? we are brilliant at being divided and the question that has to be asked is; who’s programming AI and what are their views on life?

For example; misanthropy is growing; people are constantly showing us they love animals more than their fellow humans, what happens if one of these are let loose on the programming?
What we should be doing is ensuring there is a clear understanding of how they are being programmed and who by; where will AI be drawing their information from? & the most obvious question, is it even possible to keep AI unbiased?

So should we fear AI? No, it’s coming either way and you’re part of the reason why they will be needed!






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