1. Technology: What’s it like being a Microsoft fan?

Are Microsoft making it difficult to support them?

Most of you won’t have the foggiest why some of us support companies, after all they are just heartless corporations here to make money… blah blah blah.

Some of us support corporations as others support sports team; for example I’m an F1 fan and a Lewis Hamilton fan but I am not naïve to know that when Lewis wins a WDC, he wins it for himself, I don’t profit from his race/season wins, heck I don’t even get to share the podium champagne with him, but you know what; I am still fist bumping the air when he wins a race as that’s my driver.
A similar mentality is applied to those who just have an interest in tech companies, the main difference is, what tech companies do often directly affects you; as you use their products and based on this, hence a tendency to lean towards a specific company.

That gives you a bit of a background, now back to the question, are Microsoft making it hard to support them? No

In the past Microsoft suffered from the follow up jinx, one thing good then one thing bad, this damn rule would follow them for years, xbox meh, xbox 360 wohoo!!, xbox one meh, Windows xp wohoo! Windows Vista meh, Surface products wohoo, windows phone meh, MS OneNote wohoo, OneDrive 5gb limit meh.
This was always the toughest part of being a Microsoft fan, because you was pretty much waiting for them to do something wrong, it was as if Microsoft was two different companies at times.

Microsoft gradually shook that off but there was always one side that made routing for Microsoft a challenge; it is a company that attracts negativity like no other, there was a period of time when tech sites would post nothing but Micro-hate, anything Microsoft did was crap and everything rivals did was wonderful; thankfully sites like WindowsCentral (thank goodness) came along and pretty much forced the industry to be more neutral (IMO), then the OneNote and the Surface teams did the rest.

However, the dislike for Microsoft in the consumer mind is still there and this was not more present than the recent NHS hack, where somehow people managed to find a way to blame Microsoft….. UNBELIVABLE!!!

It is beyond ridiculous that an organisation caught with its pants down, is being excused by blaming Microsoft; Microsoft told everyone and their dog, XP was on its way out and the irony was, security improvement was one of the reasons why!!!

Microsoft did nothing wrong; they even had an option allowing companies to still pay to get support but the NHS did not go with that option; let me put this another way: Apple does not support all versions of IOS nor every Iphone and they have recently stopped providing support for the graphics chips issue that was plaguing Macbooks; why because you can’t support something forever. 

Some insight; I once worked for the public sector in finance and I can tell you, despite the garbage that’s being spewed, the blame for this lies squarely at NHS.
The NHS had an options: upgrade, pay a fee to Microsoft for security updates or continue as is. All finance departments (I’ve yet to work in one that does not do this) should do several things:

  • Prepare an annual Opex budget
  • Prepare an annual Capex budget
  • Prepare a cashflow forecast
  • Prepare quarterly re-forecast
  • Prepare a five year forecast

Without going all ACCA on you; in at least 4/5 of those processes Windows would have been discussed and the final decision made; challenge what happened here and you will find out who is at fault. I can also add from personal experience that IT budgets are usually first on the chopping block when budgets are tight.

I was even more surprised that the NSA’s part in all of this was also somehow exonerated and big M was hung out to dry; so what’s it like being a Microsoft fan? when you ignore the almost natural negative reflex action of Micro-haters; its been pretty dam good!








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