24. Accounting and Maths Anxiety

Often you find tons of articles of people talking about something they have not been though due to their platform and voice these people end up becoming the face/voice of an issue they sympathise with but have never been through, which is frustrating.

You’re reading from someone who has battled with this as well as generally not being a very academic person; my maths issues started when I was in primary school, I couldn’t (and still can’t) do my times tables, I struggle with mental arithmetic especially division and being asked to answer maths question in front of the class often got me laughed at and teased.

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22. Accounting and Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression, it’s a trip to hell but at least the warm.

This is my toughest post to date; currently I’m going through the mental wars and it has affected all aspects of my life: finances, relationships, careers, friendships, social interactions and education.

As a man in his mid to late 30’s from a West African background, this was tough to both accept and seek help for; however I did and I’m now applying my mini rule; if I go through something share it with others so they know what to expect and also know that they are not alone.

I don’t always follow this rule but for this I feel it is important to share.

In 2014 after a series of events including issues at work I started developing anxiety & depression, depression has always been there or there about in my life but anxiety that was new to me.

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